He was last in Marlboro/Louisville, Ohio (is close to Hartville)
$2,500 reward if you find him

6/28/21: No updates yet as to his location. We are exploring every possible lead right now and do have  some different resources aiding us in the search for him right now which I am so, so, so grateful for. All I want is my best friend back home and I promise I will update everyone if/when that day does come.

6/18/21: We are still looking. If you have any information whatsoever, please let me know. We are in the process of getting in contact with news stations about this situation and current lack of response from the business owner. Thank you everyone for the continued support !

6/16/21: still no updates on his location. Thank you for all of the tips and we were still actively looking. Someone has to know something, please reach out if you think you could know anything

6/14/21: no updates thus far. We have dropped off flyers at veterinarians, various police departments and fire stations, stores, and local shelters. We are still actively looking for him. The support has been absolutely amazing and I appreciate all of you so much

6/13/21: Hello everyone, I would really appreciate it if you took the time to read this
Benny was at his trainers and this morning around 8:30, he got out. 
From 9-5:30, I along with the trainer, two kennel techs, and Carl looked for him and through some of that time one of his friends, the PD, & the Fire department looked for him as well.
Since it is Sunday, the dog warden and humane society are closed. As we didn’t see him through all of that time searching, we think that someone may have brought him inside until they do open and are hoping that that is the case.

Benny is a golden retriever. He is golden with brown eyes, weighs around 75lbs, intact, up to date on all shots and vaccinations including rabies, and microchipped. 

This dog is literally my everything and I feel absolutely devastated right now. I’m going to be posting up more flyers as well.
Thank you for taking the time to read this




My Blue & Rocco Have Their
(Therapy Dog)
(Therapy Dog Novice)
(Canine Good Citizen)
(Canine Good Citizen Advanced) 
(Canine Good Citizen Urban) 
(Trick Advanced)
(Trick Intermediate)
(Trick Novice)
(Therapy Dog International)


My Bella Roo Is Now Retired & A Full Time Therapy Dog In Hospice 


My Kaycee Lynn Is Now Retired & A Part Time Therapy Dog 
My Jewels Sapphire is now retired & a full time therapy dog 
at a psychiatric’s office. 

My Snickers (Cat) Is A Therapy Cat LOL
She helps Comfort People
At The Nursing Home 
That are Missing Their Cats

I also have several puppies pictured below 
go onto be service, therapy, search & rescue dogs
So Now They Are All Helping A Lot Of People!!